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I am teapot short and stout

6 February
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2001, adrenaline, agnostics, american graffiti, anarchy, andy flag, anna's hat, anne rice, anti-flag, audioslave, basses, bent f, big cities, black, black flag, blind melon, bondage, bouncing souls, brad nowell, bunker 84, cheap sex, chronic chaos, clark the park, colorblind people, concerts, contrasting colors, conventions, crazy cool people, dallahans, danny carey, dashboard confessional, dave atell, dave chappelle, dave grohl, dead kennedys, death metal, dropkick murphys, drunk people, drunks at marsh, eric clapton, ernest hemmingway, family guy, febuary, fire, flogging molly, futurama, george lucas, george orwell, goymer pyle, grateful dead, green day, grunge, handcuffs, him, illegal things, ireland, irish folk music, irish-catholics, jack black, jaune sur noir, jefferson airplane, jews, john stewart, justin sane, jv, kid notorious, kinky things, kramer, krist novoselic, kurt cobain, lacrosse, led zeppelin, linkin park, losers, masturbation, maynard james keenan, metal things, mind altered people, modest mouse, mudhoney, mudvayne, music, nerds, nerf herder, nick hornby, nirvana, no rain, our lady peace, pennywise, phish, pink floyd, plaid, poetry, poker, pony tails, porcupine tree, porno, pulp fiction, r.e.m., radiohead, rain, red alert, road trips, robes, s&m, sci-fi, shazam, sid vicious, simon and garfunkel, simpsons, slippers, small towns, smells, snow, sonic youth, south park, spikes, star trek, star wars, steel toed boots, studs, sublime, surprise surprise surprise, the 4 skins, the casualties, the chieftains, the clash, the daily show, the doors, the gonads, the locust, the night, the northern lights, the pogues, the sex pistols, the velvet underground, thrice, tool, trading spaces, trey anastasio, trips, ugly casanova, veins, victor hugo, washburn, wayne's world, whips, white power, whites, youth brigade